Getting Pink Polo Ready


There is more to making fabulous fashion TV than turning up with cameras… Having the right look for an event is almost as important as the event itself. With the Pink Polo days away, The MODE Africa’s beautiful TV Producer Cat Jolleys had an afternoon of fittings with fashion designer Odette Gomes in her new store.

Odette …What do you most like about the creative process of designing?

I love meeting with my clients to create their dream garments. It’s exciting when I match the right fabric to the design and I have a lot of fun making the patterns. When I put it all together and show the client the final look I’ve created – I always feel such joy. It’s the most rewarding feeling in the world to make someone feel beautiful and I’m very lucky to get to do that with my designs.

Odette …What do you most like about the creative process of designing?

That’s a very difficult question! I never think about that, but locally I would like to dress Bonang Matheba because of her great sense of style and internationally Gisele Bundchen because of her incredible body!

We understand owning your own store was a dream of yours. Tell us more.

I used to have a store in the Northern Suburbs of Cape Town. I closed it down purely because we renovated our home and built a beautiful studio upstairs for me to work from. I always longed for a store in town, especially Bree Street. One day I popped in for a coffee in this exact store and I remember telling the former owner that I wanted his store and he said : “No problem, we will be out of this space soon”. Since that day I drove past the store almost daily until the space opened up.

Now I get to call this beautiful space my own and it’s a dream turned into a reality. Thanks to the help of my amazing family and my dearest husband who made it all possible, I now own a slice of fashion heaven in Bree Street!

With such a huge passion for fashion, we are sure the new Odette Gomes stores will be a huge success.


Odette Gomes,
7 Bree Street, Cape Town 8000