SA Menswear Week Designer Profile – Nao Serati

With a new sponsor and a beautiful new venue, Lexus SA menswear week AW 17 is looking to be bigger and better than ever this year. With over 30 designers showcasing their collections over 3 days, we are excited to see our favourite menswear designers showcase their latest collections. To celebrate, The MODE Africa chatted to a few designers we are excited to see.
Today is the turn of Nao Serati…


Nao Serati is an exciting South African contemporary athliesure brand which has been getting a lot of media attention since it was founded in 2014. It is a label The MODE Africa loves as the Nao Serati label is not scared of pushing boundaries and so we were thrilled to be able to speak to designer Neo Serati Mofammerein.


What do you enjoy most about the design process?

What i love most about the design process is creating, watching something come to life in my head and hands, then in someone else’s life


When you are designing a collection, who are you designing for?

I rarely think of who the item is for, its more of creating a vibe for me. I get into a mood and I work in that mood.


Nao Serati is known for its unisex garments, how do you go about designing clothes that will look great on Men and Women?

The world has been disillusioned into thinking that men and women are very different, when the only thing difference is a smaller waist. I try not to focus on the gender identity of the garment and just how one might feel in it.


You have said “My clothes are informed by South African youth culture, picking up on all the visual cues, the rebellious attitude and the spirit of innovation,” is this the inspiration behind your latest collection?

As a south african youth its almost impossible to ignore the truths of youth, so yes the collection was informed by South African youth culture, picking up on all the visual cues, the rebellious attitude and the spirit of innovation.


Some of your designs push boundaries and are provocative, is this intentional? And are you out to shock?

No!!! I’m never out to shock, most of the time I’m so used to the outfit that by the time people see it I’m cold to the fact that it could be shocking!


If you could design for any celebrity dead or alive who would it be and why?

I would love to design for Mykki Blanko or Lebo Mathosa although I feel like we would all give each other heart attacks because we all have opinions!


What is your proudest moment as a designer so far?

My proudest moment is still having my garment on the cover of Marie Claire, that was a huge boost to my design ego.


Nao Serati will be showing their AW 17 collection at Lexus SA Menswear week on Friday 3rd February at 19h30.