SA Menswear Week Designer Profile – Merwe Mode

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South African label Merwe Mode is a label to look out for during Lexus SA Menswear week. Headed by two talented female designers, Deeva van der Merwe and Sarah Woknitz, the Merwe Mode brand is known for its beautiful androgynous designs with unique detailing.
We spoke to designer Deeva van der Merwe to find out a little bit more about the label and the AW 17 Menswear collection.


You design both Womenswear and Menswear… do u prefer designing for men or women?

This is a catch 22 question, I have no defiance between womenswear and menswear, I design for human beings, that want to express themselves freely, without having to consider any gender.


Can you tell us about the inspiration behind the AW 17 Menswear collection?


1 an act that goes against a law, rule, or code of conduct; an offence.
”I’ll be keeping an eye out for further transgressions”


Merwe Mode (trans)gression collection encapsulates the evolution of the male form and (r)evolution in which the archaic perceptions of menswear is perceived. Evolving from what was into what is yet to be Merwe eliminates the sexuality border and let’s the liberated man become what he chooses so that she can live her best life. All of us come from something and aim to go where we please.


Without giving too much away, what can we colours, cuts and fabrics can we expect to see on the Runway at SA Menswear week?

We have used Mustard, Oyster, Navy, Opaque and Teal as the foundation tones of this collection, Cuts are a melody of tailored and drapery.


What sets this collection apart from previous collections you have showcased? 

Merwe Mode continuously strives to push the boundary regarding “sexual filing” – specifically aimed at dresses and corsetry, we love to entertain and show off the workmanship, our beading and pure skill behind the tailoring structure of each piece we showcase – its an art form – not a commercially viable piece of clothing.


What do you enjoy most about the design process?

All the Problem solving


As a designer what is your proudest moment so far?

This is tough, I love to see my staff proud at what we achieve, the skills they earn and the applause they receive when we get acknowledged is more evident of success than anything else can offer!


How do you see the brand developing over the next few years?

This is impossible to answer, we go where the wind will take us, this is up to the universe, I am open to anything


Which celebrity / public figure dead or alive would you most to design a collection for and why?

Freddy Mercury – No explanation required!


Merwe Mode is showcasing their AW 17 collection at Lexus SA Menswear week on Saturday 4th February at 19H30